Dutch mantel zeb
Rumors have surfaced that Zeb Colter may actually be Dutch.

Controversy is swirling around purported “patriot” Zeb Colter after his birth certificate was leaked to the media, indicating that he is actually a Dutch immigrant.

If legitimate, the birth certificate will prove that Colter was born 63 years ago in Weesp, a suburb of Amsterdam, with the given name Mantel van Leuwen.

The revelation sent shockwaves through the professional wrestling world, where Colter is a notorious right-wing zealot with a vehement anti-immigration stance.

If demonstrated to be true, the rumor could expose Colter as a hypocrite, and may result in his deportation for anti-American activities.

Colter adamantly denies the allegations, insisting that he “never was, and never will be, Dutch.”

Celebrity billionaire Donald Trump has launched a campaign to obtain Colter’s long-form birth certificate, having already cast doubt on the idea that Hulk Hogan is a real American.