Hulk Hogan real american
Real estate mogul Donald Trump claims to have evidence that Hulk Hogan (inset) is not a real American.

Undeterred by a failed attempt to prove that President Barack Obama was born outside the United States, celebrity tycoon Donald Trump has turned his sights on Hulk Hogan.

“I want to see Hogan’s long-form birth certificate,” Trump said during a press conference. “I have reason to believe he is not a real American.”

Although Trump has refused to divulge a shred of evidence for his assertion, thousands of so-called “birthers” have demanded an investigation into Hogan’s true citizenship.

Hogan has dismissed the accusations as “ridiculous, brother,” and issued the following statement through his lawyer:

“Well, you hurt my friends, Mr. Trump, and you hurt my pride. I’ve got to be a man — I can’t let it slide. I am a real American.”