Lana Ziggler really dating
The plot has thickened in WWE after it was discovered that Rusev and Dolph Ziggler are secret lovers.

The love-quadrangle that has brought scandal to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) became even more lascivious yesterday when Lana walked in on Dolph Ziggler and Rusev when the supposed enemies were in the throes of lovemaking.

The incident occured backstage at a non-televised WWE event in Idaho, where Ziggler and Rusev were scheduled to square off in the main event — but instead became entwined more sensually in a darkened locker room.

According to one witness, Ziggler and Rusev attempted to explain that they were “fighting,” but Lana balked at this claim — screaming “shah-tup” — because both men were wearing only boots and elbow pads.

This latest development adds more intrigue and betrayal to an already-convoluted melodrama that has dominated WWE programming of late (alongside some nonsense about a statue and a trombone).

The fourth player in the fractured romance, Summer Rae, has allegedly reunited with Fandango, which once again confirms the hard-to-fathom rumor that Fandango is indeed straight.