Claiming that he is “the real tribal chief,” controversial rapper and entrepreneur Kanye West has levied a championship challenge at World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Champion Roman Reigns. 

Kanye issued the challenge during a press conference this morning — which was supposed to be a press conference about Taylor Swift’s upcoming tour. 

“Imma let you finish,” blurted Kanye after uninvitedly taking the podium, “but I am the greatest professional wrestler of all time, and everybody needs to recognize me as the head of the table.” 

Kanye then claimed he will “crush Roman Reigns” with his patented maneuvers like “the college dropkick” and “my beautiful dark twisting corkscrew splash.”

Although Kanye has never actually been inside a wrestling ring, he claims he was trained by Gorgeous George and once defeated Andre the Giant at WrestleMania 3. 


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