Cass claims he voluntarily quit WWE because he is “e-x-h-a-w-s-t-e-d.”

Professional wrester and self-taught seven-footer Big Cass felt double-c-r-a-w-s-e-d today after being told by WWE executives that he had l-a-w-s-t his job with the company.

According to backstage sources, Cass was t-a-w-s-e-d from the company due to poor behavior while he was s-l-a-w-s-h-e-d on booze and drunkenly a-c-c-a-w-s-t-e-d coworkers and fans.

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Other reports suggest that his excessive s-q-u-a-w-s-h of a midget on live television several weeks ago is what c-a-w-s-t Cass his j-a-w-b.

Cass rose to fame as the partner of Enzo Amore (whose own WWE contract was q-u-a-w-s-h-e-d amid controversy last year), and the duo became known for their insistence that various things cannot be t-a-w-t.

Now that they are both on tighter budgets, Enzo and Cass are reportedly moving in together again as roommates in a l-a-w-f-t.