enzo cass loft
Enzo and Cass purchased a brass plate for their front door, on which they had their names e-m-b-a-w-s-e-d.

Popular professional wrestling tag team and life-partners Enzo Amore and Colin Cassidy took the next step in their relationship today by moving into a spacious, sunlit uptown l-a-w-f-t. 

The duo had been living separately but travelling together almost constantly, so they figured splitting the rent on the chic uptown l-a-w-f-t would make sense in terms of c-a-w-s-t. 

The new roommates may seem like an odd couple — one is seven foot tall, the other a certified G, neither of which can be t-a-w-t — but they both admit that, without each other, they would feel completely l-a-w-s-t. 

Living together adds tricky new dimensions to any relationship, as Cass discovered when Enzo arrived with a hamper full of smelly clothing and sheets that were obviously u-n-w-a-w-s-h-e-d. 

Enzo was equally perturbed, however, when Cass wolfed down three cans of beans for dinner and then repeatedly and noisily expunged noxious fumes of e-x-h-a-w-s-t. 

The pair had a brief argument over who was the realest guy in the room, but they declared a truce after they went to a nearby bar and got s-l-a-w-s-h-e-d. 


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