seinfeld hall of fame
Jerry Seinfeld is finally being recognized for his contributions to pro wrestling.

Television funnyman Jerry Seinfeld can soon add another milestone to his illustrious career as the first announced inductee into the 2021 Class of the WWE Hall of Fame. 

Although Seinfeld has never been affiliated with WWE in any way whatsoever, he once mentioned professional wrestling in a comedy routine: “What’s the deal with professional wrestling anyway? Who came up with the idea of two big guys in bathing suits pretending to fight?” 

Seinfeld is best known for portraying a fictionalized version of himself on the popular sitcom bearing his name on NBC (which is now streaming on the new streaming service jointly owned by NBC and WWE, CockFed). 

Seinfeld’s induction into the WWE Hall of Fame will put him alongside fellow sports-entertainment legends Drew Carey, Snoop Dogg, Guy Fieri and Steel Chair

When asked by reporters for comment on the honor, Seinfeld had everyone in stitches. “What’s the deal with this Hall of Fame anyway? I looked for it on Google Maps but the search came back saying parts unknown! Parts unknown? I barely know my own parts!” 





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