wwe hall of fame fieriAlong the so-called Road to WrestleMania, fans of sports entertainment eagerly await news of forthcoming inductees into WWE’s vaunted and nonexistent Hall of Fame — and they are abuzz today with news that celebrity chef Guy Fieri will be part of the Class of 2019.

The night before WrestleMania, Fieri will take his rightful place alongside professional wrestling luminaries such as Bob Eucker and that weird old orange guy from The Apprentice who is on Fox News a lot lately.

Although Fieri has not been involved in any WWE storylines or events, he is only slightly behind Snoop Dogg and Drew Carey in that regard, both of whom are inductees in the Hall of Fame’s “Celebrity Wing” (a wing that, much like the Hall of Fame itself, exists 0nly if you truly believe in the power of magic).

Fieri says he was “pleasantly surprised” to learn about his upcoming induction, and asked: “When did they change it from WWF to WWE?”

Known for his spiked blond hair, backwards sunglasses and complete lack of any tangible connection to World Wrestling Entertainment, Fieri will be the first chef to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, unless you count The Big Boss Man, who was known for his delicious preparations of chihuahua.


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