jeff hardy eye makeup
Jeff Hardy catches a little “shut-eye.”

During a recent tag-team bout, enigmatic sports-entertainer Jefferson “Jeff” Hardy caught a little shut-eye while standing on the ring apron, with neither his fellow grapplers nor the fans realizing he had dozed off.

Hardy, jetlagged from WWE’s recent overseas tour of Saudi Arabia, North Korea and Syria, appeared to be wide awake during the nap thanks to the bizarre paintings of eyeballs on his eyelids.

Referee Mike Chioda was the first witness to suspect Hardy had fallen asleep, noticing the sound of light snoring and noticing a small rivulet of drool flowing from Hardy’s slackened mouth.

According to Jeff’s brother, Matheius “Matt” Hardy, Jeff has been painting open eyeballs on his eyelids since childhood, initially as a way to sleep during class, and later as a way of avoiding watching footage of himself in TNA.

Many wrestling fans have followed Hardy’s example at live Raw tapings, painting eyeballs on their own eyelids so they can nap surreptitiously during interminably long Baron Corbin segments.


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