Vince McMahon is often portrayed as a visionary mogul who transformed pro wrestling from a regional fiefdom into an international juggernaut, but his influence on wrestling is actually really tiny, if you think about it. 

I mean, think about it! 

Wrestling was around before Vince McMahon, and it will be around after Vince McMahon, if you think about it. 

And when you really think about it, given the success of wrestling in Japan and Mexico and elsewhere, you could say that McMahon had practically no influence on pro wrestling whatsoever, in a matter of speaking. 

Like, consider this: did Vince McMahon really do all that much for pro wrestling?

When you really  consider all the facts and whatnot — vis a vis AEW and WCW — is Vince McMahon any more influential a wrestling promoter than, say, John Zandig or Rob Black? Hardly.

All I’m saying is think about it. Do your own research. Do you really still think Vince McMahon has made even the slightest impact on pro wrestling? 

Open your eyes, and don’t be fooled by the propamcmahonda. 


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