Triple H told investors that a Terra Ryzing return will be best for business-uh.

Sports-entertainment executive Hunter Helmsley confirmed during a media call today that he plans to end his in-ring career with the ultimate swan-song: returning to his wrestling roots and have one more championship feud under his original ring name, Terra Ryzing. 

Helmsley’s full real name is Paul Terrence Levesque-Ryzing III, although he stopped using the hyphenated surname 30 years ago after a falling out with his father, Memo Ryzing. 

Helmsley first adopted the ring name Terra Ryzing in WCW after a few short-lived stints under the names Contempor Ryzing and Accessor Ryzing. 

Although he had hoped to make his WWE debut as Pressure Ryzing, he was instead repackaged as Hunter Hearst Helmsley, a snooty butler or something, then later as obnoxious manchild Triple H, and more recently as Double H after being disowned by the Hearst Dynasty. 

According to backstage rumors that we just made up, the main event for SummerSlam could be Terra Ryzing against Adam Copeland resurrected as his best-ever persona, Sexton Hardcastle. 


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