WWE creative
WWE’s creative team simply has no use for an tyrannical corporate entity at the moment.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) announced today the release of two top executives and on-air personalities, Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, after it was deemed that the company’s so-called Creative team had “nothing for The Authority.”

“We wish Mr. Helmsley and Mrs. McMahon-Helmsley all the best in their future endeavors,” reads the tersely worded press release.

The news comes as a shock to wrestling fans worldwide, who had become accustomed to seeing the tyrannical power-couple (known collectively as The Authority) deliver interminable in-ring soliloquys during the opening 40 minutes of WWE’s weekly program, Monday Night Raw.

The company offered no reason for the termination aside from stating “it was best for business.”

Effective immediately, the roles of The Authority will be portrayed by Terry Taylor and Lita.

Helmsley and McMahon-Helmsley, meanwhile, have already begun taking bookings on the independent wrestling circuit, and will appear this weekend at Cleveland’s Absolute Intense Wrestling (AIW) as “The Bureaucrats.”