We don’t know.

Do you?

Probably no one.

Sorry, that headline wasn’t intended to imply that we have an answer.

It was a genuine question, posed in the hopes that you might know something we don’t know.

Now that we read the headline again, however, we see how it could be misconstrued as suggesting that we have a salacious piece of news about a WWE Hall of Famer.

We have no such news.

We should have worded the headline differently. We hope it didn’t come across as “clickbait.” We’re not Bleacher Report, for heaven’s sake!

We assume all inductees into the WWE Hall of Fame are upstanding members of society who would never commit any heinous act of sexual deviance. Well, there are those rumors about that one guy — you know the one, right? — though we won’t name him for fear of a libel suit.

So, anyway, have you heard anything about a Hall of Famer getting arrested? Even for shoplifting or something?

Because that would make for a good story.

In the absence of such lascivious gossip, here’s a true story about Kane.

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