wrestlemania view
The actual type of view Tyler Brown and countless other fans will have on Sunday.

Tyler Brown, an especially gullible wrestling fan from Idaho, is making the long trip to Texas under the happy delusion that he’ll actually be able to see the action in the ring at WrestleMania.

“I could only afford a cheap ticket, but I think I’ll still have a good view of the ring,” Brown foolishly told friends this week.

“I’m sure there’s not a bad seat in the house.”

Like approximately 87 percent of fans at the event, however, Brown will end up watching almost the entire spectacle on giant screens.

Brown’s $34 ticket puts him in seat 635, section 999, row ZZZ, at the very top row of the AT&T stdium.

From his perspective, large wrestlers such as The Undertaker will appear roughly one millimeter in size. Smaller wrestlers such as Dolph Ziggler will not be visible to the naked eye.

WWE is encouraging fans with inexpensive tickets to “use the power of imagination” to enjoy the event.