Goatface (left) confronts the evil corporate Aardvarknose.
Goatface (left) confronts the evil corporate Aardvarknose.

Fans of professional wrestling will get their money’s worth at WrestleMania this Sunday during the much-hyped showdown between Goatface and Aardvarknose.

Goatface, a scruffy underdog whose career has been chronically sabotaged by the conniving corporate Aardvarknose, vows to win via submission with a step-over nosehold.

If Goatface manages to defeat Aaardvarknose during the WrestleMania undercard, he will earn the opportunity to square off in a triple-threat match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Tortoisewalk and Slothcharisma.

Then, if Goatface wins the championship, a resounding chorus of “Yes! Yes! Yes!” will surely erupt from the 75,000 Hippobellies and Horseteeth in attendance.


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