Funkadactyls pictures
The Funkasaurus and Funkadactyls were wiped out by a funksteroid.

Two species were wiped into extinction this week after a funksteroid slammed into Planet Funk, killing the last known Funkasaurus and a pair of Funkadactyls.

The funksteroid broke through the atmosphere of Planet Funk yesterday, exploding in a blinding Flash Funk, before creating a deep crater in the planet’s layer of Clay.

The only consolation is that a creature frequently seen with the Funkasaurus, known as Sweet T, was safely in Japan at the time of the impact, carrying out Lordship duties.

The extinction of the Funkasaurus is especially tragic because, according to reliable sources, Funk was on a roll.

The Funkdadactyls, thankfully, can easily be replaced.

In order to deliver the bad news to the family of the Funkasaurus, somebody called his momma.

In related news, Kayfabe News apologizes for the stupidity of this article.