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Former WWE Grand Slam Champion Rob Van Dam can’t seem to stay out of hot water for some reason!

In a tale that has become all-too-familiar, a former WWE champion whose heyday in the spotlight has passed is now once again in hot water, and we are wondering if we could, you know, be of assistance in any way.

Rob Van Dam (real name Jean-Claude Van Winkle) has landed himself in the hot water of a jacuzzi that totally looks like it has room for at least a few of us to hop in and, you know, just maybe hang out for a while?

Van Dam, a native of Brussels Creek, Michigan, is currently in hot water women identified as his wife, Robyn Van Hoover-Dam, and their girlfriend, an aspiring nun named Gladys Menderchuk — both of whom seem like they’d be game to have some more company in there, don’t you think? You ask them. I’m nervous.

Fans have become increasingly concerned about Van Dam given rumours that he has been “underwater” a lot lately, though his companions report that Van Dam does some of his best work when he just puts his head down and focuses on the task at hand.

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