Vince McMahon, the disgraced former sports-entertainment mogul, is now struggling to pay the bills in his post-WWE career and is now performing on the independent (or “indy”) wrestling circuit as the nefarious Mistah McMann.

Unable to use the ring name “Mr. McMahon” due to WWE’s ownership of the copyright, the once-powerful tycoon is now spending his weekends performing at legion halls and high school gymnasia around New York, Michigan and Ontario.

This Friday night, for example, Mistah McMahon will be be in the corner of Aiden Rayne and Warhed when they battle Dem Dawgs at “Masters of the Registry,” an independent wrestling event held at the Registry Theatre in Kitchener.

Working on the indies has been a humbling experience for the former billionaire, who has thus far earned 13 hot dogs and nine handshakes on the indy circuit.

Appalled by the difficult working conditions on the indies, McMahon is reportedly talking about starting a union.

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