jericho holds
During his younger, less forgetful days, Chris Jericho rhymes off his 1,004 holds.

A combination of advancing age and so-called “ring rust” has caused professional wrestler Chris Jericho, once hailed as the “Master of 1,004 Holds,” to forget seven maneuvers of his former repertoire.

Jericho announced via Twitter that he is delaying his much-anticipated return to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) until he can remember the forgotten holds.

“I don’t want to come back until I have my entire move-set at my disposal,” Jericho tweeted. “After that, I will never, eeevvver (sic) forget them agaiyn (sic).”

Earlier this week, on his Talk is Jericho podcast, the wrestler-turned-rock-star-turned-game-show-host-turned-podcaster explained that his current repertoire of 997 holds is “still pretty impressive.”

“I mean, I still know the German suplex, the arm bar, the dropkick, the moss-covered three-handled family grudunzle, the arm bar, the spinning toe hold, the Canadian arm bar, and so on,” he said. “I just seem to have forgotten a few moves — which, to be honest, are probably variations of the arm bar.”

Jericho is also delaying his return to WWE amid allegations that his blinking ring jacket has sparked widespread seizures.


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