Chris Jericho jacket
Chris Jericho displays his battery-powered, stroboscopic jacket, instantly triggering dozens of seizures.

Pediatric hospitals worldwide are reporting a rash of seizures among children, apparently sparked by the flashing lights on Chris Jericho’s ring jacket.

At least 1,200 children have been hospitalized after suffering violent, full-body muscular spasms evidently triggered by the frenetic flashing of Jericho’s gaudy attire.

“Back when Jericho wore a metallic sequined vest, we heard periodic reports of seizures, but nothing of this magnitude,” said Dr. Gurdeep Singh, chief surgeon of Manhattan Pediatric Hospital.

“That battery-powered monstrosity Jericho wears now is a threat to society.”

Not since the rash of seizures related to Japanese cartoon Pokemon has the medical community seen a problem of this severity sparked by a garish pop-culture character.

Jericho has declined to comment on the problem.

Sources close to the WWE superstar say he is planning to soon debut a new jacket that actually fires lasers directly into the eyes of audience members.