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Kakū Otoko (left) has signed a reported nine-figure contract with WWE.

Die-hard fans of professional wrestling are abuzz today after news leaked online revealing that World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has, after years of speculation, finally signed Japanese legend Kakū Otoko to a main-roster contract. 

As every serious wrestling fan knows, Kakū Otoko is widely regarded as the “greatest pound-for-pound wrestler to ever live,” and is the only wrestler to ever receive a seven-star rating from veteran wrestling journalist Dan Mutzler. 

“This is huge news,” said Mutzler during today’s Pro Wrestling Jamboree Podcast. “If Kakū Otoko is not main-eventing WrestleMania next year, then Vince McMahon has truly lost his mind.”

Otoko is known for his legendary feuds with Testuya Noro, Bobo Argentina, The Great Fuji and “Whipper” Billy Connolly, and he has earned the nickname “Mr. WrestleKingdom” for his 37-match undefeated streak at the event. 

Though relatively unknown to North American “casual” wrestling fans, true followers of the sport have kept tabs on Otoku’s meteoric career in New Japan Pro Wrestling, NOAH, FMW, All Japan Pro Wrestling, Big Japan Pro Wrestling, Michinoku Pro, King of the Deathmatch ’97, FREEDOMS, Kizukuri Puroresu, DDT Wrestling, Pure Wrestling Association, and Ring Ka King. 

According to backstage rumors, Otoku will debut next week on Monday Night Raw and immediately begin a feud with the returning Undertaker



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