Divas revolution wwe
These revolutionary women changed pro wrestling forever.

As a new year begins, fans of professional wrestling are looking back on 2015 as the year the sport underwent a game-changing paradigm-shift thanks to the Divas Revolution.

“It altered everything so drastically,” writes longtime wrestling journalist Dan Mutzler, “that it’s difficult to even remember the pre-revolutionary landscape.”

The Divas Revolution — a social upheaval launched in early 2015 with the rallying cry #GiveDivasAChance — is one of those rare turning points in history after which nothing is ever the same.

Like Pearl Harbor, 9/11 or the McMahon Limo Bombing, the Divas Revolution forever transformed the public zeitgeist and made household names out of brave revolutionaries such as The Bella Twins, Eva Marie, and JoJo.

Ever since the Divas Revolution, female professional wrestlers (or “Divas”) have enjoyed exactly the same status as men (or “Superstars”), as evidenced by the upcoming WrestleMania main event that will pit Brock Lesnar against Bayley.


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