dark side of the ringFew documentaries have exposed the seedy underbelly of professional wrestling as comprehensively or cornettishly as Dark Side of the Ring.

The VICE series, of which two seasons have aired, revisits notorious moments in wrestling history, from the slapping of John Stossel to the death of Bruiser Brody to the testicular electrocution of Shane McMahon. 

The show’s third season is in production now, and Kayfabe News has obtained, via a confidential source who asked to be identified only as Fit F., the line-up of topics to be unraveled. 

Although the card is always subject to change, here is the current plan for season three: 

  • SE3, Ep.1: Raising Kane: The Funeral Home Fire and Katie Vick
  • SE3, Ep. 2: Tremors: Earthquake’s Squishing of Damian
  • SE3, EP. 3: Papa Shango’s Curse — The Ultimate Undoing
  • SE3, EP. 4.: Mae Young’s Baby Hand: Tragedy, Triumph, and High Fives
  • SE3 EP. 5: Ian Rotten: From Deathmatch Wrestler to Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager
  • SE3, EP. 6: The Montreal Handjob
  • SE3 EP7: The Punt Heard ‘Round the World — Snitsky and the Baby
  • SE3 EP8: DOMESTIC TERRORISM: The McMahon Limo Bombing
  • Christmas Special: The Tragic Tale of Xanta Claus

Kayfabe News also received a leaked script for the upcoming season of Total Bellas, but the nuanced complexities of the multi-layered narrative structure were beyond our comprehension. 

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