Vince McMahon (right, lumpy) has been meeting with Elon Musk regularly via TOUT.

Anonymous sources reveal that billionaire businessmen Elon Musk and Vince McMahon have met secretly over a period of months on a project to hold a WWE pay-per-view event on the Moon. 

Dubbed Project WrestleMoonia, the project reportedly aims to host a full-scale WrestleMania event — in a packed stadium of fans — in on the Moon by 2027. 

The anonymous source, who asked to identified only as Ric F., revealed that Musk and McMahon have already chosen a deep crater, just beside a large space mountain, in which to build the “WWE LunarDome.”

It is unclear how WWE will deal with the weaker gravity on the moon, which could result in some high-flying wresters floating away (although it will better protect wrestlers’ holes). 

Neither McMahon nor Musk has commented publicly on the matter, although this would not be their first collaboration. Two years ago, Musk and McMahon worked together on a cologne that “smelled of success and grapefruits” called McMusk. 


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