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Nia Jax is only the latest in a long series of wrestlers to have sustained serious hole injuries.

Professional sports-entertainer Nia Jax was rushed to a local medical facility yesterday after injuring her hole on live television, once again sparking debate over WWE’s hole-safety protocols. 

“How many more holes have to get destroyed before something gets done?” wrote longtime wrestling journalist Dan Mutzler. 

Nia Jax (real name Gladys Menderchuk) is the latest in a growing list of sports-entertainers who have suffered serious hole damage, and some experts blame fans for their insatiable thirst for ever-more-dangerous hole-damaging stunts.

By the time many wrestlers reach middle age, Mutzler writes, their holes are permanently damaged from years of abuse, leading to a high rate of risky hole replacement surgery. 

“Back in my day, our holes were way tougher than the kids’ holes these days,” said Superstar Billy Graham during a recent speech at the Cauliflower Hole Club reunion. 

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