Dean ambrose czw
Dean Ambrose, who got rich and famous in WWE after years of backyard wrestling, urges fans to not follow in his tantalizing footsteps.

Popular professional wrestler Dean Ambrose recorded a public service announcement today urging young fans of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) to not “try this at home,” despite having paved the way to his own lucrative career by doing exactly that.

Ambrose, who earns well over a million dollars annually between his guaranteed salary and his cut of WWE merchandise revenue, stressed during the 30-second vignette that “nothing good can come from imitating WWE action.”

During his formative years as a wrestler under the monicker Jon Moxley, Ambrose performed haphazardly executed moves in dangerous, unsupervised environments, without any formal training — precisely the kind of behaviour he now publicly discourages.

He then went on to perform in Combat Zone Wrestling, a violent independent promotion where committed masochistic self-flagellation with barbed wire, light tubes, and a preposterous power tool — thereby earning a reputation that eventually led to a lucrative WWE contract, worldwide fame, and sex symbol status.

“Be smart,” added Ambrose, who never attended college, “and stay in school.”