Ambrose crush
One of thousands of collages created by Dean Ambrose’s countless admirers and would-be groupies.

A landmark study published today in the new Harvard Review of Popculture Idolatry reveals that professional wrestler Dean Ambrose is the most crushed-on entertainer on earth, with a 100 percent crush/mancrush rating among wrestling fans.

The comprehensive study — which surveyed thousands of male and female wrestling fans of every socioeconomic background, geographical situation and sexual orientation — found that every wrestling fan alive “would love to spend some quality one-on-one time, in one form or another, with Dean Ambrose.”

Although Ambrose’s popularity among WWE’s heterosexual female audience was previously well documented, the new study reveals a staggeringly high mancrush rate among “straight males who just think they’d totally get along with Ambrose like buds.”

The wrestling fans surveyed fell into the following categories:

  • “Would like to go on a date” with Ambrose: 31 percent (predominantly female)
  • “Would like to kiss/copulate” with Ambrose: 28 percent (predominantly female)
  • “Would like to have a beer, maybe shoot some pool or try some new submission holds and, you know, bro stuff” with Ambrose: 39 percent (predominantly male).

Interestingly, one category got a unanimous response rate across all those surveyed:

  • Jealous of Renee Young: 100 percent.