wwe divas nipple
Natalya’s right nipple disappointed wrestling fans worldwide this week by refusing to slip.

Wrestling fans worldwide were infuriated Monday when the right nipple of WWE Diva Natalya stubbornly refused to slip out of her tight-fitting top.

Despite seeming precariously close to bursting forth at any moment — particularly when she was suplexed by opponent Kaitlyn — Natalya’s nipple remained disappointingly elusive.

Many crestfallen fans felt cheated, since most would not have watched the match if Natalya’s tenacious mammary hadn’t seemed liable to wriggle free from its black-and-pink spandex prison.

“What a rip-off,” tweeted one fan known as @DivaBoobLuvr.

“I swear, that nipple was held back by willpower alone.”

Viewership of Divas matches during WWE programming has skyrocketed in recent weeks following the popular slippages of nipples belonging to Kaitlyn and Brie Bella.

Natalya’s nipples, however, seem terribly camera shy, leading many to speculate that double-sided tape is somehow involved.

Big E Langston’s nipples, meanwhile, popped out all over the place.