WWE has once again demonstrated that it’ll sign anybody who has made a name for themselves in TNA.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has once again demonstrated its desperation to lure marquee talent away from Total Non-Stop Action (TNA) Wrestling with the recent signing of Team 3D (now called The Dudley Boys).

WWE is notorious for scooping up any talent that has been discarded by the superior Nashville-based promotion, then subtly repackaging the wrestlers to avoid being sued by TNA over copyright infringement.

The signing of the Dudleys comes on the heels of WWE’s acquisition of Sting — another former TNA star who appeared earlier this year at WrestleMania (WWE’s half-assed version of TNA’s Bound for Glory).

Other TNA has-beens who have sought one last glimmer of the spotlight in WWE include Consequences Creed (now called Xavier Woods), Christian Cage (now called Christian), Black Reign (now called Goldust), Ron “The Truth” Killings (now called R-Truth), and Samoa Joe (now called Roman Reigns and in much better shape).

According to backstage sources, WWE is currently trying to recruit Tyrus, in hopes of repackaging him with a dancing dinosaur gimmick.


[Thanks to Bill Pegher for the idea!]