Demon King
Kane was surprised to hear a number of voicemails indicating Seth Rollins had been looking for him.

The Demon Kane expressed befuddlement this morning after dozens of his World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) colleagues informed him that Seth Rollins was searching high and low for him last night.

“That’s weird,” said the pyromaniac former dentist. “Aren’t I supposed to be Corporate Kane now?”

Video cameras followed Rollins endlessly this week on Monday Night Raw as he scoured the backstage area in search of Kane for reasons unclear.

Things became even more confusing when, after repeated calls for a confrontation with Kane, Rollins was instead met by popular Irish newcomer Finn Balor, who was inexplicably dressed up like a Rastafarian dragon.

Kane texted Rollins this morning to remind him that he still performs on the SmackDown brand — hence his absence from Raw — but was confused when Rollins curtly┬áreplied: “King, dummy.”


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