CM Punk insists Dave Meltzer has not “confirmed” anything.

Longtime professional wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer confirmed today on his Wrestling Observer website CM Punk will definitely either appear on WWE Raw, or not appear on WWE Raw, this week.

“My backstage sources have 100 percent confirmed that Punk either has or has not been spotted at the arena today,” wrote Meltzer.

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“We know, for a fact, that Punk will definitely be somewhere, doing something, while Raw is being broadcast this week.”

Meltzer has absorbed criticism from wrestling fans in recent weeks for publishing fallacious¬†“confirmed” reports on the whereabouts of the elusive Punk, who vanished from WWE programming weeks ago.

Given that the overall accuracy of his predictions is slightly worse than would be dictated pure chance, Meltzer is now hedging his bets with safer predictions.

Among the other predictions listed this week in the Wrestling Observer newsletter:

  • It is confirmed that WrestleMania 30 will indeed happen on April 7
  • Sources confirm that Hulk Hogan is, in fact, balding
  • Multiple reliable witnesses have confirmed that, despite his protestations to the contrary, it was indeed Snitsky’s fault

Bleacher Report, meanwhile, has confirmed that there are 10 reasons why the Undertaker’s streak should end this year, and 10 equally compelling reasons that it should not.


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