Dr. Shelby (center) has refused to comment on whether his shoddy psychiatry may be to blame for Daniel Bryan’s retirement.

As wrestling fans worldwide come to grips with the heartbreaking retirement of popular WWE superstar Daniel Bryan, questions have begun to arise over what role controversial psychiatric Dr. Marion Shelby may have played in Bryan’s shortened career.

Dr. Shelby, an anger management counsellor assigned to help Bryan and Kane work through personal differences, was stripped of his psychiatric license last year for “gross malpractice.”

Now some wrestling pundits suggest that Dr. Shelby’s dubious credentials and questionable tactics may have exacerbated Bryan’s existing medical problems and hastened his retirement.

Among the allegations being levied against Dr. Shelby:

  • His repeated insistence that Bryan and Kane “hug it out” may have caused a repetitive strain injury to Bryan’s rotator cuffs
  • Shelby’s excessively positive attitude may have inspired Bryan to push himself beyond his own physical limits
  • Shelby told Bryan that appearing frequently on Total Divas was a “good idea”

We will continue to investigate this story until we have found the perfect scapegoat to blame for Bryan’s heartbreaking retirement.