Dr. Shelby WWE
Dr. Shelby (center) has been cited for gross misconduct, such as having social breakfasts with his patients.

The American Psychiatric Association has announced that, due to evidence of “gross incompetence and ineffectual methods,” Dr. Marian Shelby has been stripped of his license to practice psychiatry.

Dr. Shelby drew the attention of the APA (not to be confused with the Acolytes Protection Agency, a private bodyguard firm) during his tenure as Chief Psychiatric Counsel for World Wresting Entertainment (WWE).

Shelby was recruited to the sports entertainment juggernaut in 2012 by AJ Lee, who hoped the counselor could provide anger management treatment for dysfunctional tag team partners Kane and Daniel Bryan.

In a series of therapy sessions — inexplicably televised in flagrant violation of doctor-patient confidentiality — Dr. Shelby subjected Kane, Bryan and other clients to a series of highly questionable exercises.

Dr. Shelby endorsed, for instance, a dubious ¬†self-help mantra called ANGER (Affable, Nice, Gleeful, Ecstatic, Reasonable), which was determined by the American Psychiatric Association to be “pure bunk.”

The APA voted to strip Shelby of his psychiatric license after a recent eruption of violence between Kane and Bryan proved the therapy had no positive effects.

Dr. Shelby is the second doctor to face professional ruin after working with WWE. A similar fate was met by Paul Heyman’s personal physician, Dr. Michael Kirschenbaum, who was found guilty of exaggerating the severity of his patient’s injuries, and for looking suspiciously like an indy wrestler.