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Fans are already turning on Kevin Owens with the smarky chant “We’ve Steen Enough.”

Just hours after the debut of NXT wrestler Kevin Owens — better known as Kevin Steen, the name under which he dominated the independent wrestling circuit — jaded wrestling fans worldwide are declaring “We’ve Steen Enough.”

“He is soooo last night,” tweeted one wrestling fan, @IndySmarkPWG, adding that Steen/Owens is already “stale.”

“Same old sh*t,” tweeted another cynical fan after Steen/Owens blindsided Sami Zayn on last night’s NXT TakeOver event — shades of the duo’s long rivalry on the independent circuit.

The “We’ve Steen Enough” slogan is clearly inspired by the motto “We’ve Cena Nuff,” which is typically uttered by smarmy fans who hate John Cena for all the same reasons that, as children, they loved Hulk Hogan.

Although many non-pretentious fans are still excited to see an Owens-Zayn rivalry in NXT, a small but vocal minority on the internet insist they’ll just repeatedly watch ROH Final Battle 2010 instead.