Funk brothers
Terry Funk was surprised by the amount of paparazzi when he went looking for his brother.

Veteran professional wrestler Terry Funk, goofier than a pet coon after a lifetime of being clobbered upside the head with objects both foreign and domestic, was escorted out of an Amarillo cinema today after hollering for his brother during the premiere of animated film Finding Dory.

Disoriented and bleeding inexplicably from the forehead, Terry ambled on wobbly knees throughout the theater, demanding that his “egg-sucking dog of a brother” come out from hiding.

Terry was apparently unaware that Finding Dory is the feel-good Disney-Pixar follow-up to Finding Nemo, not a means to locate brother Dory Funk Jr., who last weekend wrestled a match in Japan at age 104.

The Funk Brothers were a formidable tag team from the 1960s through 1980s, but became estranged shortly after Terry’s recent retirement match — the 100th of his career.

According to Amarillo police, Terry also became confused and belligerent during a recent screening of the film The Jungle Book, mistakenly believing he would find and confront Kamala.