CM PUnk mma
CM Punk (left) boasts that no fighter in UFC has even been able to take him off his feet in the Octagon.

Mixed martial artist CM Punk has silenced any naysayers who doubted he could transition from the pro wrestling ring to the Octagon, having remained undefeated in UFC since signing with the company in 2014.

The self-proclaimed “Best Fighter in the World” has never submitted or been knocked out in a UFC fight, giving him an unblemished record that few fighters can rival.

“Even Brock lost in UFC,” said the ever-acerbic Punk, referring to former UFC champion and noted academic Brock Lesnar.

Punk attributes his undefeated “streak” in UFC to a combination of hard training, strict diet, cunning, his “straight-edge” lifestyle, a positive mental attitude, a strong grappling background, and not yet having had any UFC fights.

Some pundits speculate that Punk will leverage his UFC success as a stepping stone toward the “holy grail” for any combat athlete, the CZW Ultraviolent Tournament of Death.