Brock Lesnar university
Dr. Brock Lesnar explains his post-structuralist view of hegemonic relationships among pre-Enlightenment literary women.

While on hiatus from in-ring action, former WWE and UFC champion Brock Lesnar has finally completed his doctorate in postmodern feminist literary theory.

Dr. Lesnar, best known for his domineering aggression and his trademark pterodactyl shriek, has been pursuing his PhD from the University of Minnesota part-time ever since completing his Master’s degree in Gender Studies in 2002.

Last week, Dr. Lesnar defended his PhD thesis — titled “Gender Construction as Post-Marxist Allegory in LGBT Historiography” — and reportedly said it “was well-received” by the review panel.

Most fans of professional wrestling and mixed martial arts may be surprised to learn that Lesnar is among the nation’s most promising emerging scholars in epistemological feminism, monosexual deconstructionism, and poststructural neofeminist Althusserianism vis a vis semiotic interpellation.

But whereas many view Dr. Lesnar as an unthinking brute who sees violence as the only means of conflict resolution, his professors and classmates know a brilliant mind, a tender spirit, and a champion of post-genderism.

Dr. Lesnar is now reportedly working on a book, tentatively titled: Bitch: Reclaiming an Antifeminist Epithet and Empowering the City of Suplex. 

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