Professional wrestler CM Punk has built a career on making bold statements and dropping “pipe bombs,” and his latest statements about women’s reproductive rights have sparked fierce debate online among wrestling fans who have nary a uterus among them. 

Punk has been called a “virtue-signalling woke lib” more than 10,000 times in Twitter fights and Facebook flame-wars by an angry mob of wrestling fans biologically incapable of bearing children who nonetheless fancy themselves some kinds of goddamned experts about the complexities of reproductive health. 

The enraged young men on both sides of the reproductive healthcare divide hurled insults and memes at one another in response to Punk’s shirt, with each side claiming — correctly — that the other side “doesn’t understand anything about abortion issues.”

Thousands more fans are demanding that Punk “keep politics out of wrestling” — a phrase typically uttered by slovenly manboys who clearly, fundamentally don’t understand what wrestling is

At one point in the online “debate” over Punk’s shirt, a female wrestling fan tried to contribute her perspectives on a Facebook, but some guy responded with a gif of The Rock rolling his eyes and called her “a sheeple,” so she smartly logged off. 



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