During an angry rant on a wrestling-themed Facebook page he follows, 27-year-old Brad Waldon of Tallahassee commented that “politics should be kept out of wrestling” — thus revealing how little he understands wrestling. 

Waldon was angered by a gif depicting WWE Hall of Famer and US “President” Donald Trump receiving a stone cold stunner from a cartoon coronavirus, and wrote in all-caps that “politics has no place in wresting.”

These comments indicate that Waldon does not possess even a rudimentary understanding of professional wrestling, which is inherently a sociopolitical morality play in the tensions of society — particularly the struggle of the working class against powerful corporate elites — unfolds in a pantomime of simulated combat. 

Waldon angrily wrote that “wrestling is an escape from politics,” and then watched two Samoan cousins fight over who is tribal chief and a bunch masked, black-clad anarchists called Retribution rising up against the capitalist corporate power structure. 

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