cesaro dive
The floor did not adequately protect itself from this insane bump.

One day after Cesaro’s horrific head-first collision with the floor of an Indianapolis arena, speculation abounds as to whether the floor will ever be the same.

“This might be a career-ending injury,” said Wallace Brigham, a structural engineer who helped design Indianapolis’ Bankers Life Fieldhouse, where the floor suffered the ghastly injury at WWE’s Night of Champions events.

“We might have to demolish the whole building and start from scratch.”

Cesaro dove toward opponent Sheamus in the final match of their best-of-seven series, but slightly miscalculated and slammed his head into the ringside floor with a force that was measured by seismographs as far away as Atlanta.

It is believed the impact created a new fault line in the Earth’s crust, which could eventually result in the entire Eastern Seaboard detaching from the continent and sinking into the Atlantic.

As for Cesaro, he reports he is “a bit sore,” but he admites it might be from his morning workout during which he repeatedly deadlifted a blue whale.