Antonio Cesaro Finisher
Antonio Cesaro demonstrates remarkable strength by delivering the Neutralizer on a blue whale.

In an unprecedented feat of strength, Swiss professional wrestler Antonio Cesaro delivered his signature finisher, The Neutralizer, to a full-sized blue whale.

“Look at the power!” hollered commentator Michael Cole, as Cesaro hoisted the gargantuan sea mammal into the Gotch-style pancake cradle piledriver.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” added commentator John Bradshaw Layfield, truthfully.

Cesaro had previously wowed wrestling audiences by delivering The Neutralizer to oversized wrestlers including 375-pound Brodus Clay and the seven-foot-one-inch Great Khali.

The blue whale, being the largest creature to ever live on earth, posed quite another challenge entirely, though. Cesaro struggled momentarily to wrap his arms around the whale’s incredible girth.

Cynics point out that the whale probably assisted the move by pushing off the ring mat with its tail, but others suggest the whale, being out of its usual aquatic habitat, was lethargic and sandbagging.

Greenpeace is investigating.