north korea missile
North Korean leader and and monster heel Kim Jong-Un attends the test of a missile dropkick.

Geopolitical tensions are mounting after state-run North Korean news media released footage of what appears to be the successful test of a devastating missile dropkick. 

In newly released footage, North Korean President Kim Jong-Un is seen celebrating as missile dropkick collides feet-first with an ocean target, causing a huge “bump.”

The missile dropkick was reportedly launched from the country’s Technical Operations Pad for Thermonuclear and Underwater Reconnaissance Networks of Ballistics Used for Catastrophic Kinetic Launching Exercises, or T.O.P. T.U.R.N.B.U.C.K.L.E. 

International weaponry experts have long known that North Korea is capable of launching a Powerbomb — perhaps even an Exploder Suplex — but the possibility that the country now has a missile dropkick in its arsenal has caused alarm worldwide and throughout the WWE Universe. 

U.S. President and WWE Hall of Famer Donald Trump has insisted he has “zero tolerance” for North Korea’s missile dropkick tests and will, if necessary, send Bobby Lashley over to “take care of them” before Trump himself shaves Kim Jong-Un’s head.