camp wwe
WWE superstars will provide around-the-clock voice-over for cartoon versions of themselves on Camp WWE Live.

Just days after the historic launch of Smackdown Live, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) announced its flagship adult-themed cartoon, Camp WWE, will soon be a three-hour live broadcast every Wednesday.

The program, which chronicles the naughty exploits of WWE superstars as children at summer camp, will be animated in real-time by a team of the world’s fastest cartoonists.

CAMP WWE LIVEĀ® will add another three hours to the company’s weekly schedule of live programming, ensuring die-hard fans of sports entertainment will have even less reason to ever leave their filthy subterranean dwellings.

According to a press released issued today, WWE intends to host live programming around the clock by mid-2017, including:

  • Total Divas Live (Saturdays, 2am to 7am)
  • Table for 3 Live (Lunchtime daily)
  • The Stone Cold Podcast Live (Whenever he damn well pleases)
  • Swerved Live (When you least expect it)

Due to this packed line-up of live programming, the company will cancel its annual WrestleMania event to avoid over-saturation.