bobby roode
Bobby Roode thinks he might “tone down” the whole basking-in-his-own-gloriousness thing, because it might come off as arrogant.

Professional wrestler Bobby Roode has reportedly confided in close friends his concern that, upon watching some of his own entrances and matches, he comes off as overconfident, perhaps even somewhat pompous.

Roode — who stands on a rotating platform wearing a sequinned robe, arms outstretched in a Christlike manner while a choir repeatedly sings the word “Glorious” — hopes he doesn’t seem, in his words, “kinda douchey.”

One backstage source close to Roode — who, for the sake of anonymity, asked to be named only as Kofi K. — said Roode is painfully shy behind the scenes and would be “mortified” if he thought fans found him vain or cavalier.

According to the source, Roode is considering a number of changes to his in-ring persona, which would better reflect his true humility and lack of ego:

  • He will replace the monicker and theme song “Glorious” with the more humble “Adequate”
  • He will trade in his glittering robe for a more low-key argyle cardigan
  • Rather than stand on a rotating platform, he’ll politely curtsey

AJ Styles, meanwhile, reportedly feels his “Phenomenal” nickname is too boastful, and will instead switch to the more accurate and pensive “Phenomenological.”