wrestlemania weather
This image, taken just two miles from Tampa’s Raymond Rougeau Stadium, does not look promising for tonight’s event.

It seems God has no intention of ceasing His vengeance against longtime rival Vince McMahon, as more fierce storms are expected to wreak havoc on McMahon’s greatest creation, WrestleMania. 

Intense snowstorms from the north are tracking to collide with a low-pressure front moving up from the Caribbean, which is expected to cause a rare weather event called a “cyclonic crystalline precipitation event,” better known as snow tornadoes.

“As many as 20 snow tornadoes could converge on Tampa at approximately 8pm Eastern tonight,” said Kayfabe News Chief Meteorologist Dr. Sue Plecks.

“With winds of 500 miles per hour and temperatures dropping 100 below zero, this may mean the second night of WrestleMania might be cancelled.”

But a WWE spokesperson said, on condition of anonymity, that “the show must go on, quite frankly, rain or shine, or even snow tornadoes and things of that nature, quite frankly.”

Ticketholders to tonight’s show were reportedly each given one trash bag with arm holes, to wear for protection from the elements.

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