Apter benoit
Bill Apter (inset) suggests the 2007 bombing of McMahon’s limousine may have been been a “hit.”

Longtime wrestling journalist Bill Apter has proposed an intriguing new theory about the infamous 2007 explosion of Vince McMahon limousine — that it was a calculated mob-style “hit.”

During a recent appearance on Chris Jericho’s Talk is Jericho podcast, Apter explained how the “official” story (that McMahon’s limousine exploded due to bad writing) just doesn’t seem to add up.

“I think Vince got into some sort of trouble — perhaps with the regional NWA promoters he put out of business during his nationwide expansion in the 1980s,” Apter said.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if Ole Anderson and Bill Watts were somehow involved.”

Apter’s conspiracy theory has sparked debate among fans of professional wrestling, leading to a number of alternate explanations of the limo explosion:

  • A botched repossession attempt by Repo Man
  • Gross incompetence by a WWE pyrotechnician
  • The company from which the limo was obtained, ACME Rentals, has a track record of exploding products
  • Kane accidentally raised and quickly lowered his arms nearby
  • God getting revenge after He and partner Shawn Michaels lost tag match again Vince and Shane McMahon

The limo bombing has been a subject of much uncertainty and speculation over the past eight years, particularly because McMahon was unhurt despite being inside the vehicle when it exploded.