biden trump
“Samoa” Joe Biden (left) squashed jabroni Donald Jennifer Trump.

Having won the US presidential election by a tidy margin, President-Elect Joe Biden forced his disgraced enemy, WWE Hall of Famer Donald Trump, to call him “Tribal Chief.”

Although Trump began the electoral bout with flurry of offence, Biden made an inspirational come-from-behind babyface comeback to defeat the orange WWE Hall of Shamer. 

Battered and blubbering, Trump knelt before “Samoa” Joe Biden on the carpet of the Oval Office, tears streaming rivulets of orange spray-tan down his doughy cheeks. 

Biden then declared that “The White House is my yard now,” and that “there’s a new “Big Dog in Washington” (he was referring to his adopted German shepherd, Major. 

Trump is expected to fight back as part of a tag team with partner Rudy Giuliani, collectively known as The Ding Dongs. 


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