When Batista returns to WWE later this month, he is expected to revive the Deacon persona.

After a four-year absence from World Wrestling Entertainment, Batista will return to the ring on Jan. 20, and will reportedly revive his “Deacon Batista” character.

In a cryptic tweet posted yesterday, Batista wrote “Deacon4Life #Jan20 #Godbless,” prompting many fans to conclude that he will return as a mute religious zealot in a sleeveless vest.

Friends of the wrestler say he always believed the Deacon character was underrated and had much untapped potential, much like fellow clergyman/wrestler Mordecai.

Backstage sources at WWE report that Batista insisted on returning as the Deacon, and demanded that the company re-hire Reverend D-Von, for whom Deacon Batista will serve as bodyguard.

Adding fuel to the rumors are reports that Batista has recently been spotted carrying a large white collection box with a chain slung around his neck.

Batista reportedly hopes to appear at WrestleMania 30, standing menacingly at ringside while Reverend D-Von battles The Undertaker.