viktor connor
Can you spot the difference?

Although they are purported to be two unique people, evidence continues to mount that professional sports-entertainers Baron Corbin and Viktor are one and the same, differentiated only by attire and facepaint.

A spokesperson for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) denies suggestions that Corbin and Viktor are the same person — which is exactly what a spokesperson would do if the company didn’t want fans to know the secret truth.

Such official denials seem to fly in the face of copious evidence, including:

  • Nobody can recall Corbin and Viktor being in the same room at the same time
  • Viktor (the “Hawk” to Konnor’s “Animal”) debuted in NXT in the summer of 2012; Corbin debuted in NXT just weeks later
  • Viktor and Corbin have similar hairstyles (long, slicked back, receding) and builds (muscular, with adorable winking bellybuttons)
  • Although some pundits have pointed out that The Ascension once battled Corbin and Rhyno in a tag match, the truth is that the role of Viktor was played that evening by understudy Aleister Black.

Until WWE is able to produce a photograph of “Viktor” and “Corbin” together, the safe assumption is that they are indeed the same person (presumably former TNA star Abyss).