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WWE Hall of Famer Donald Juan Trump TOUTs out a tyrannical turd from his puckered gob hole.

Having been ousted from Twitter, Facebook  and MySpace for inciting sedition and generally lying all the time, WWE Hall of Famer and US President Resident Donald Trump is now reaching his followers through hugely popular TOUT app. 

“The election was totally rigged, and I mean really rigged, because the Democra…” TOUTed Trump in a 15-second video — the maximum length TOUT allows. 

TOUT is a natural fit for Trump, given that it was reportedly launched with a $5 million investment by WWE, which has been described by business analysts as the “smarted investment since the XFL.”

Although Trump doesn’t have quite as large a following on TOUT as he did on Twitter (75 million followers on Twitter, 17 followers on TOUT), he says his audience will soon get yuge. 

Currently, his followers include Vince McMahon, a publicist named John Barron, Val Venis, and 13 fake Russian TOUT accounts run by the covert Koloff Organization. 

If you’d like to learn more about TOUT, we recommend you check out the year 2012. TOUT it out! 

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